Are you planning on going to Rio?
Are you taking any electrical devices?

The Truth About Electricity in Brazil – 220v or 110v?

From city to city, voltage varies from 110-220v and could fry your electronics. It’s not uncommon to arrive in a city to find out that the voltage is 110v and then to travel 1 hour north just to learn that it’s 220v in that particular city. Even in the same city some hotels may have 220v while another will have 110v.  In addition, there are 12 different plug (outlet) configurations available in Brazil.  What to do? 

The solution is
Plug Genie®.

Plug Genie® works with 100 - 260V, 50 - 60 hz and the special built in Plug Genie® adapters will enable travelers from any country to use their DUAL Voltage devices in any of those outlets.

Plug Genie® will let you simultaneously charge or operate up to six electrical or electronic devices, including two USB devices, in over 150 countries.  Rated 110v-250v, with 15 Amp overload protection, Plug Genie® will be ready when you are. 






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